Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Show Day in Toronto

Completely uneventful border crossing last night. I woke up in my bunk a few minutes past 4, which meant we were long past the border. Sometimes you just get lucky like that. I rolled over and went back to sleep. When I got up, we were at the venue and it was just pissing down rain, and would continue to do so the entire day.

I saw a couple of cars sitting nearby that were worthy of standing in the rain to get photos of. This VW camper is just wack:

And the ancient Citroen is pretty cool, too:

After the show, I stayed awake on the way to the border. The U.S. Immigrations people ALWAYS fuck with you when you're coming back into America.

They turned out to be only slightly assholey. After running all of our passports through the computer, he got up on the bus and wanted to match faces with passport photos, which meant that everyone who had gone to bed had to get up and cram into the front lounge for inspection. Dickhead.

Because Lew Lew, one of our lighting techs is Canadian, he got hauled off the bus and into the building to be put through the grinder. Twenty minutes later, Lew Lew was back and off we went.

By this time it was 4am, so off to bed I went…

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