Monday, November 6, 2006

Show Day in Rochester

Wide awake at 5am. Sucks! Lay there in misery until a little past 6, then give up, and get up. Gonna make for a long day.

Don't think I have a hangover, but I start to feel like crap around lunchtime, and I can't really shake it until nearly midnight.

Oh, yeah, here's the new band logo decals on the backs of the buses:

Close up of my bus:

If you look close enough, you can see that damn Jeff Gordon plate on the right.

We've got a border crossing tonight, on our way to Toronto. Should hit the Peace Bridge crossing in Buffalo around 2:30am. I'm hating it, because I'll be deep asleep by then. I hope we don't have to get off the bus to do the dick dance for the Canadian Immigration people.

I'm not a big fan of the Peace Bridge crossing. I was held for 5 hours and then booted out of the country back in '93 when going in with Cry of Love. Had to do the "Perp Walk" of shame back across the bridge onto U.S. soil. The band's singer Kelly Holland got tossed into jail for 3 day for mouthing off to the bitch of bitches, Officer Bonnie J. Giles. The rest of the band, plus me and the soundman James Lewis, wound up hanging out in Buffalo at the Lord Amherst Hotel until Kelly got sprung 3 days later. It was cool to have the time off and discover a bunch of bars and restaurants and record stores, but the band missed out on a lot of media attention by not getting in.

So anyway, think I'm gonna head out and hit the hay a little early tonight. Head to the bus around midnight…

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