Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Show Day in Las Vegas

Today's show is at The Joint, the venue at the Hard Rock Hotel here in Las Vegas. I've done this place a bunch. Chas, the production guy here, is great. Always a pleasure to be here. I don't give a shit about Vegas, but I do like this venue.

Instead of rolling on to San Diego after our show tonight, we're gonna stay in Vegas for our day off tomorrow. Lots of folks on my bus have "imported" for the occasion. Brent's girlfriend Libby is here, Robert's wife Kelly is here. Sooner's boyfriend Rock is here, And Suki's girlfriend Blue is here.

At 7pm tonight, the hotel unveiled their All-American Rejects display. It's in one of those display cases located throughout the hotel. Specifically, it's in the foyer of one of the building's main entrances. I couldn't be there for the ceremony, so here's a shot that Marcel took while he was there:

I'll try to swing by tomorrow to get a close-up.

Big aftershow party planned in a suite here in the hotel. Bartender, open bar, hot Vegas sluts, etc. I'm there for exactly 2 beers, then I ditch. What really drove me out wasn't the party itself, but the sheer number of absolute morons who came pouring into the suite about 5 minutes before I split. The place got extremely loud, extremely smoky and extremely not me. See ya!

I had promised to go to the Double Down (famous Vegas roadie bar), after a couple of beers at the party, but I bailed out on everyone. It was already pushing 3am, and I just didn't really feel like going. Maybe tomorrow…

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