Thursday, November 30, 2006

Day Off in Las Vegas

WTF??? How on earth could 4 beers make me feel so bad? Must be the old, fourth-day-in-the-desert-weather dehydration thing wrecking me.

Here's the view from here on the 11th floor of the Hard Rock Hotel. The Vegas airport is just across the way:

Not really giving a crap about Vegas, the only time I leave the room during the day is to eat lunch at Johnny Rocket's across the street (awesome veggie burger called The Streamliner) and to pick up a few things from the CVS store on the corner.

Around 6pm, I head down to find the AAR display case and take a couple of photos. Here's a shot of it:

Bus call to go to San Diego for tomorrow's show is at midnight. Goofing off until then…

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