Sunday, November 19, 2006

Day Off in Dallas

Whoo-Hoo! Two days off in Dallas. We're staying at Hotel Lumen, a tiny (52 rooms) boutique hotel directly across the street from SMU (Southern Methodist University). First set of keys were ready at 10:30 – mine included, although I elected to hang out on the bus so I could see the Panthers game on our DirecTV NFL Ticket broadcast. No way to watch it in the room.

Finally got the last sets of keys around 2:30, but I remained on the bus until about 5:30. Finished the football game, then I watched the final NASCAR race of the season.

Ran to the room, showered, then met a bunch of folks in the lobby at 7:15 to go to dinner. About 7 of us walked ¾ of a mile to Campisi's, a great (non-chain!) Italian joint. Much revelry and food is consumed. Afterwards, off to the nearest Irish Pub.

I made the fatal mistake of switching to Boddington's Pub Ale upon arriving at the pub, after an evening of Budweisers. After a couple of Boddington's, I wasn't really feeling any love, so I went back to Bud. Boy, would I pay the price later.

Had a great time drinking and chatting with the gang, and some fuckin' loony blonde sitting at the bar. She was starkers!

At some point, someone suggested going to another neighborhood to drink the rest of the night away. Some wanted to go to Deep Ellum, but were convinced to go to Lower Greenville. Me and a couple of others opted to walk our drunk asses back to the hotel. I definitely did NOT need any more beer.

Stayed up for awhile in hope of burning off some of the alcohol...

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