Saturday, November 4, 2006

Show Day in Philadelphia

One of my favorite venues today – the Tweeter Center in Philly. Like the Hartford Amphitheatre, they have walls that enclose the pavilion area of the shed, cutting the capacity down to 7,000. Tonight's attendance was just over 4,500 and looked good.

Before the show, a fan made it to the band's dressing room to deliver a gingerbread cake of the band. It was printed using that edible ink and looked pretty cool:

After the show, we throw a big party in the production office. Much beer and liquor is consumed. I spend the majority of the time hanging out and getting to know Lauren, one of our runners from today. Can you say "cute as hell"?

We eventually move out to the bus to keep the party going. I'm awake up on the bus until just past 4am. Five minutes after I make it to my bunk, the drivers show up and we're off to Rochester for a day off…

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