Saturday, November 18, 2006

Show Day in Memphis

Today's show is at the Mid-South Coliseum here in Memphis. Talk about history. Elvis did a gazillion shows here, including one shortly before his death in 1977. Everybody who's anybody has played here, including the Beatles. It was one of the few stops on the Beatles final American tour. Their August 19, 1966 performance is infamously known as "the firecracker concert" due to a crowd member exploding a firecracker (which some thought was a gunshot) during the show.

I won the "Roadie Of The Day" award this morning. I was having a conversation with a couple of crew guys about a certain group of lazy motherfuckers on this tour when Patrick practically leapt into one of his cases and came up with a trophy, which he presented to me with great fanfare, declaring me the ROTD. Here's a photo of the official presentation ceremony:

That's me on the left. Presenter Patrick Murphy on the right.

Close up of the trophy:

And even closer:

Amazing what you can do with a Sharpie and some white gaff tape.

I went out to front of house tonight during changeover. I've never seen anything like the little girls here in Memphis. They all kinda look like teenage Jon Benet Ramseys. Slutted up, lots of girly-girl dresses, tights, leggings, sprayed-on jeans – lots of looks – yet every single one of them is wearing 4-5 inch pumps. Strange…

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