Friday, November 10, 2006

Show Day in Hampton

Got up at 7am, just as Steve's pulling the bus into the Hampton Coliseum parking lot. He's never been here before, so I show him where to park the buses for the day.

Yesterday I told Tyson (the singer) a little about the building, including the fact that it sits next to a large pond. You can drop a fishing line 30 feet from the load-in door. So he sent out last night for a couple of rods & reels and tackle stuff. Wonder if he'll really go fishing today.

Late morning, I grabbed a loaf of bread off my bus and spent 20 minutes feeding the geese that were hanging out back there.

Had some friends come up from Raleigh for the show tonight. Donna G., Gigi, and Gigi's two daughters Nina and Bailey. They attended the sound check, then got to meet the band and hang out for a few minutes. I took some photos with Gigi's camera as the band was signing autographs for them. Here's the girls with the band:

During the show, I watched about 10 songs with them before I had to go backstage and settle with the promoter.

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