Monday, June 6, 2011

Day Off in Greenville, SC

My kind of roadie day off – lazy, lazy, lazy. Other than walking the 7 or 8 blocks to Starbucks real early this morning, I never left my room all day. I read two newspapers, a few magazines, and watched 3 or 4 movies. I even ordered room service, something I never, ever do…

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day Off in Greenville, SC

I gotta say, Greenville, South Carolina, has one of the prettiest little downtown areas I've ever seen. It's all of about 8 or 9 blocks long, but it's filled with restaurants, bars, galleries, non-chain clothing and retail stores, and absolutely the most beautiful downtown park I've seen in many years, maybe ever - Falls Park. This place is so damn cool, I could live here. I think I'm gonna have to come back here on vacation…

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Show Day in Cleveland

Typical roadie day. Woke up at 6:20am, not much light outside due to the bus being parked underneath the Quicken Loans Arena here in Cleveland. Were it not for a 30-minute trip I took with Blaine mid-day, I wouldn't have seen sunshine or had a breath of fresh air the whole day. As I type this, it's past 1:00am and I'm getting ready to head out to my bus for the night. Again…under the building. No sunshine for me again until tomorrow morning, when I wake up during our 600-mile drive to Greenville, SC.

Back to the excursion, Blaine, our touring Live Nation rep, lives here in Cleveland. He went to his house this morning and picked up his car. Offered me the nickel tour of his neighborhood not too far away and we also swung by this really cool marketplace area to grab some lunch. One can only eat so much tour catering, ya know. He grabbed a bratwurst, and I found a Mediterranean place and got some stuffed grape leaves and a spinach & feta pie. Was waaay tastier than catering.

Not much else to report today…

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Travel Day to Buffalo, NY

Flew into Buffalo this afternoon, end of a 5-day tour break. Thinking I'll start the blog up again…

Strange hotel room here at the Hyatt. One little closet has the toilet and the shower (no tub). The other little closet has the sink and mirror. How high was the guy who designed these rooms?

Blaine texted me as soon as I got in my room. He and his girl Denise were across the street at the Century Grill. I jumped on the elevator to run down and meet them. I was on 12. The elevator stopped on 6 and a bunch of muso-looking dudes got on. One of 'em noticed my Coldplay jacket and asked if I was a guitar tech. I said nope, just a mean ol' tour accountant. Asked him what band they were and he told me they were Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeros. Made small talk the rest of the way down. Nice kids. Said they were playing at Lafayette Square in about 25 minutes at one of those free downtown shows that are so popular here in Buffalo. Told I'd come watch.

Met up with Blaine and Denise, had a beer and then headed over. Place was a madhouse, must have been 5,000 people all on one block. Had few beers, watched the band awhile, then headed back to the Century Grill for dinner.

Made it back to my room by 9:30. Another perfect roadie night. Might actually get some sleep tonight…