Sunday, November 26, 2006

Day Off in Tucson

Like clockwork, up just past 7am. Long way to go still. I hang out up front with driver Steve until it's time for football. The front lounge will be on the New Orleans game (our production manager Robert Long is from Louisiana), so I'm hanging in the rear lounge to watch the Panthers game. They lose (again!), with the game finishing just as we pull up to the hotel. Steve made great time getting us here. It's just past 2pm here in Tucson.

On the way to my room, I walk past a guest laundry with 2 washer and 2 dryers. I don't normally do my own laundry on the road, but if it's this convenient, why wait until tomorrow (when I had planned to get it done)? Stick my head in to check pricing, and discover that it's free! All the better.

So that's about all I did today. Laundry and some TV. We're at a pretty expensive and exclusive golf resort just outside of Tucson. I've stayed here before. There's fuck-all to do without taking a taxi into town, and all the damn restaurants here at the resort are a bit too pricey for my new homeowner's ass. I've got half a Subway sandwich left from our truckstop stop late morning, so that's dinner.

I'm just no fun today…

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