Friday, November 24, 2006

Show Day in Houston

Holy mother-of-vomit! What is that fucking smell??????

I woke up in my bunk, threw open the curtain and got slapped in the face by a pail of steaming dirty baby diapers.

Now, first thing in the morning, the bunk area of a tour bus is not always the most pleasant-smelling place to be, what with the personal hygiene habits of certain folks. It almost always has a bit of a musky-icky-organic-crotchrot-moldy-locker room-dirty feet (20 of 'em) thing going on.

But what the fuck died in here?

Then it dawned on me. A whole lot of folks on this bus pretty much inhaled 2 huge trays of deviled eggs yesterday at Mike's house.



And you best believe I closed the door to the bunk area as soon as I passed through it….

Today's show is in Houston at the Reliant Arena. This is like the 4th time I've been in this building in the last 25 months.

Today is also when I start my countdown clock. I'm flying home 4 weeks from today. Yep, just 28 days until my next period of unemployment begins. Maybe I'll finally start unpacking all of my belongings – I was living out of my suitcase the last time I was at home – boxes all over the house. Gotta get the window treatments taken care of and a whole lot of other house stuff done.

But first, I've got to run down to Charlotte for a couple of days to see Mom and do the Christmas thing.

Christmas night, of course, will be spent at the PourHouse in downtown Raleigh, attending the annual Terry Anderson/David Enloe birthday party. Seems like this is the 8th or 9th or 10th year that this has been held. It was at The Brewery for a long time, and this is probably the 3rd or 4th year it's been at the P-House. Turdell and Enloe turn 51 this year – both born Christmas Day 1955. Couple of old farts. And a lot of old farts will be there to drink beer and share hugs and stories of the holiday season. So, whoever is reading this, make plans to be there.

I really hate not being home in Raleigh today. Tonight is Jack Cornell's annual post-Thanksgiving party. Jack's an old friend who played bass in The Fabulous Knobs and The Woods (The Woods being the first band I ever roadied for) and is currently playing with Terry in their band The Olympic Ass-Kicking Team. He also produced the record and did all the artwork. There's a review of their latest record, at the CDBaby website, that describes Jack as having "hair like an unmade bed." (In case you're wondering, that's a very flattering compliment.) You can read that review and others HERE.

You can download OAKTeam ringtones HERE.

Anyway, Jack's party is always a blast. I brought a bottle of Thunderbird to it a couple of years ago, but pretty much nobody except Carina would drink any of it with me. Idiot that I am, I happily drank the rest. Not smart, but I wouldn't realize that until the next day.

Sorry I can't be there, Jack. Hope y'all miss me just a little…


Creener said...

Shouldn't I get some kinda metal/award for drinking Thundebird with you? Or all the other stupid shit I've done - and will still do - with you?! Missed you last night. Listened to The Knobs EP, I called Debber, and then we heard Enloe was in town. Didn't see him before I left.

See you Christmas Night!


Bobzilla said...

I don't know about an award, but you probably should have been arrested a couple of times by now...

Enloe's ass had better be in town this Christmas. It's not the same without him. And rumor has it that Sherry Willey will be in NC at Christmastime, although she may not make it to Raleigh.

jcorpilate said...

You were missed alot!!!!