Saturday, November 25, 2006

Show Day in San Antonio

Our show today is in San Antonio at Freeman Coliseum. And tonight I'm missing another big event back home in Raleighwood.

PKM is doing a reunion show downtown at the Lincoln Theater. That's P as in PeeWee Watson, K as in Kenny Soule, and M as in Mike Gardner. You can get the full story HERE

I really hate to be missing this show. These guys don't do nearly enough reunion gigs for my liking, and it seems I'm always out of town when they do do them.

(I said do-do. Ha!)

Meant to call Vicki, an old friend who lives here. She got her boobs done last year and I haven't seen 'em yet. She also got married, which lessens the chances of me seeing 'em.

Oh, well. You know what they say about boobs. If you've seen one, you've seen 'em both….

Long drive tonight – 900 miles or so to Tucson. We'll have a little bit of daylight left when we get there for our day off. Yeah, right…

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Fish Camp Barbie said...

Did Vicki get a Buy One Get One Free Deal?