Monday, October 1, 2007

Show Day 2 in Sydney, Australia

Not much to report.

Here's the view I have outside my office window all week here at the Sydney Opera House.

Pretty nice, I'd say.


Anonymous said...


Yeah, the view is schweet, but the WOW is your blog's most recent post is in the SAME MONTH as the rest of the world's time.

Oh, and since you're a day into the future from the rest of us, would you please email me the Pick 6 numbers by about 10pm Saturday evening, our time? Thanks, I'll split the prize 75/25 with ya.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bob, thanks for this great itinerary ! I find it very interesting and thought I should take the “bobbortunity” to send you a quick note ;-) I came across your blog by sheer coincidence – I was looking for websites dealing with tour management, etc., then Josh’s name turned up and I clicked on the link and there it was – your blog! I actually went to Josh’s concert in May in Frankfurt; as you may have guessed I am from Germany and got back from LA just a few weeks ago...:-( I attended a seminar there and visited family; I left LA just one day after you had left for Australia, but the airport was packed with people on this day too – I have never seen something like that before !! Unbelievable…. I really envy you – in your job you get to see so many places and people, I’d love to do that too, but accounting just isn’t my cup of tea ;-) Anyway, I just thought I’d be brave enough to ask you something and I know this is very unusual.... – do you think there might be the slightest opportunity to become part of your / Josh’s team - just for a certain period of time, e.g. the South Africa tour (or even longer)? I’m a translator and if you’d have a contact address for me I could send her/him my CV, a cover letter and the link to my homepage (I offer translation services from English into German special field: the Arts, etc.). If you’d like to check it out and get my contact details, you can reach me at ..and I’m not kidding; it would be great to become part of the “Awake-tour” and I’m sure there’s a lot of work to do “behind the scenes” and I just love organising and have a lot of working experience in all different kinds of fields (hotel management, organising trade fairs, etc.) ! Hope you enjoyed your time in Manila and are looking forward to your next time in Australia ;-) Would be great to hear from you. All the best, Sonja
PS. Your pics are great too !