Monday, October 8, 2007

Travel Day to Melbourne (again...)

Heading back to Melbourne, where we started our tour Down Under, for our other 2 shows at Hamer Hall.

Dropped bags, and went walking around for a bit. Met up with Blaine around 6 and we went to Spleen, the bar that's our adopted home here. Great little joint about 2 blocks from the hotel. Dennis joined us about 20 minutes later. We were sitting outside, enjoying the cool evening breeze, when our LD, Wally, walked by. He joined us for a few rounds, after which we went off in search of dinner.

Checked out a few menus in Chinatown before I made the call for a place called Post Mao. Glad I did. No shit, it was the single best Chinese meal I've ever had. We ordered far too much food. It was coming at us like in waves. We must have been there for 90 minutes and by the time we left, the four of us were all crippled from eating.

It was all we could do to get back to the hotel…

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