Saturday, October 13, 2007

Travel Day to Perth

Well, OK, we flew into Perth, but we're staying out at Scarborough Beach, about 15-20 minutes from downtown. We're at the Rendezvous Observation City Hotel (mouthful), right on the beach. I've got a huge room with a dining table & 6 chairs (huh?), a couple of plush chairs and a pretty decent balcony. I'm up on the 22nd floor and here's the view:

Sail surfers? Parasailers? Whatever you call them, here they are:

Everything "to do" seems to be congregated within a 3-block area around the hotel. About 4 in the afternoon, I decided I wanted to find a place to drink and watch the sun go down.

After scoping everything out, I chose the Stamford Arms Pub. It was about 100 yards off the beach and had outdoor seating.

I've never seen the Indian Ocean before and I'm here to tell ya… Surprise, it looks just like every other ocean I've ever seen. Doesn't mean I don't want to watch a sundown, though. Well, OK, I've never seen a beach with pine trees on it, so it's a little different.

Called up Janet and she joined me a few minutes later. Then Blaine, then Wally, then Dennis. We had a few rounds and then at 7pm the pub started turning into a "proper" bar, which means the dress code starting being enforced.

Dennis went to his room to put on long pants. I couldn't do that because I didn't have any in my suitcase. After chatting with one of the bouncer dudes, I managed to stay there for a couple more beers.

After that, we went down the block and had a killer dinner at some seafood & steak joint that I didn't even get the name of. But damn, it was good…

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kitesurfers! lol.

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