Thursday, October 18, 2007

Second Show Day in Manila

Feels strange to not have Blaine in the office today. Janet taped a picture of him to his chair and no one was allowed to sit there. A Blaine shrine, as it were.

Here in Manila, the most popular public transport is a vehicle called a Jeepney. Also, known as Jitneys, these vehicles have an interesting history, which you can read about here on Wikipedia.

A few Jeepney photos:

I watched a couple of songs during the show last night and again tonight. Won't get to see it again until March, on the South African tour.

After the show, back at the hotel, was a huge after-show party thrown by the promoter. It was in Red, the cool bar/restaurant in the lobby. One of our security guys told me that it was fairly crowded, but right now only with promoter folks and friends of promoter folks. JT (Janet) showed up, and she suggested heading to the Outback for a couple of drinks while we waited for our peeps to start arriving at the party.

Five minutes later, the two of us are sitting at the corner of the bar, enjoying some tasty beverages and some cheese fries. My usual bartender is off tonight – I can't believe I forgot her name – as is, April, the manager. Waitress Hazel is here again tonight, and I get my usual "Hey, Bob!" shout-out when she spots me. After a few rounds, JT and me decide to mosey back over to the party, which should be pretty much full-on by now. Hazel makes me promise to come back before closing time.

JT slips away almost immediately because she and a couple of other crew folks are going to see a volcano tomorrow. You can see photos of the volcano HERE. Scroll down a bit to check them out.

On the same page, just before the volcano shot, there are a few photos from a Jeepney factory.

I slipped away from the party around 2:30 to do last call at Outback, but when I got there, they had closed early and Hazel was gone.

Back to the hotel and in bed around 3:15…

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