Thursday, October 4, 2007

Yet Another Show Day in Sydney

Napping kangaroo shot from the other day at the zoo:

Today is our fourth and final show at the Sydney Opera House. Heading off to Brisbane tomorrow for 2 shows there.

So this morning, I did one of the coolest things EVER. Blaine and I went and did the Sydney Harbor Bridge Climb. A few other folks had been talking for days about going with us, but they all poohed out.

The whole excursion took about 3½ hours. First you watch a series of videos (introduction, facts, safety procedures), then you sign a waiver, then you're given a Breathalyzer test. You can't blow more than a .05 or they won't let you climb. Considering that it's a show day AND it's 11:00 in the morning, I blew a .00 as expected.

Next everyone in our group of 12 dumps everything on their person into private lockers – your watch, jewelry, mobile phone, camera, money, wallets, etc. Can't take anything up to the top with you. If you don't have it, you can't drop (or throw) it. I'm not even allowed to wear my hat, although they give me one of their hats to wear. Theirs clips to the jumpsuit that I put on next. It's a one piece, zip-up-the-rear, thin material deal. I opt to ditch my heavy cargo shorts under it in case things get too warm on the climb. I think Blaine said he ditched his shorts and his t-shirt under his suit.

There's even a place on the suit to clip the eyeglass lanyard I have to clip to my glasses. These people ain't foolin' around.

Next, we put on our safety harnesses, followed by more safety instructions. After that comes a run-through on the climbing simulator. Lastly, we all get radios and headsets, so we can hear our team leader during the climb.

Then, after clipping in to the safety line that goes to the top and back, off we go.

The climb was absolutely one of the 2 or 3 most amazing things I've ever done. Adam, our team leader, was a terrific guide. He was funny, and knew everything about the bridge a person could know. Blaine and I were right up at the front of our group and we got to speak with him quite a bit in between his running commentaries to everyone via our headsets.

You can check out the bridge climb web site HERE:

This is me and Blaine near the very top of the bridge:

Some other folks who've made the climb:

Click to enlarge the photos.

Afterwards, we grabbed some lunch and made it to the gig by about 4.

Post-show drinks and fun were once again in the bar atop the hotel. Here's the view from 32 floors up:

Sydney Harbor Bridge to the left, Sydney Opera House to the right. Click to enlarge.

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