Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Show Day in Manila

I'm told that Manila is the most densely populated city in the world. I believe it. I've never seen traffic like this before.

I guess all the big-shots here take helicopters in and out of the city because of the horrendous traffic. From my hotel room, I can count no less that 12 helicopter landing pads, including the 4 on this building.

Today is Blaine's last day on the tour. He's our Live Nation rep out here on the tour, but he's leaving early tomorrow morning to start the Ozzy Osbourne tour. He's worked for Ozzy for the last 7-8 years.

Hate to see him go – he's been my pal and co-conspirator out here since I joined the tour.

After the show tonight, I dragged a crowd of about 8 folks to the Outback. Walked in to the sound of 3 chiming little voices, "Hey, Bob!" It was April (the manager) and Hazel (waitress) and the bartender (forgot her name).

Everyone bailed out by about 1:30, but I stayed until nearly 3am. Spent most of my time there talking to April and Hazel.


jaymarfal said...

Hey Bobzilla,

I would like to have a copy of your helipad pictures for

I'm trying to make a picture album for helipads.


John Marfal

Bobzilla said...

Hi, Jay.

I don't think I have any helipad pictures...