Monday, October 22, 2007

Day Off at Home

Lots to do. Still feel pretty crappy, but better. Taking mega-doses of Vitamin C, along with aspirin, gallons & gallons of fluids, and Airborne.

Spent the afternoon dealing with 4 bagfuls of mail that I got from Paige. Also, dropped a couple of pairs of shorts off to Miss Jane, my Vietnamese tailor. I have this annoying habit of walking around with my Parker Jotter pen in my right pocket a lot, and it eventually punches holes in the pocket lining. Then my change falls out. Doh! Anyway, Jane will fix me right up and I'll pick them up from her later this week.

As far as I know, I'm flying out this weekend to R. Kelly rehearsals in Bloomington, IN. I'll be on that tour until shortly after the first of the year.

Still didn't feel like cooking tonight, or going out. Had a peanut butter sandwich for dinner. Maybe it will help solidify my intestines. Still having problems.

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