Thursday, October 11, 2007

Travel Day to Adelaide

How funny is this? Adelaide is a 30-minute time change (back) from Melbourne. I never knew there were any 30-minute time zones anywhere in the world. I should get out more.

Got to the hotel around 2. Chilled in my room for most of the afternoon, then headed down to the hotel bar around 6.

Met up with a bunch of folks there, and had a few rounds. I cast a glance out the window at one point, and who's walking down the sidewalk but Lemmy Kilmister, the bass player from Motorhead, with some other bloke. Ten minutes later, they stroll into the bar and sit at a pub table about 10 feet from us. Not being the shy type, I walked over to ask when their show was – obviously not tonight or they wouldn't be here. I didn't want to bug Lemmy, so I asked the other guy, who turned out to be Tim, Lemmy's assistant. Nice guy, he was pretty friendly. Their show wasn't for another 2 days, in the same venue we're playing tomorrow.

Eventually peeled off to go to dinner with Blaine, Wendy, Luke (Oz promoter) and Nicole (Oz accountant). After a dining-options walk, we picked a Thai place about a block from the hotel.

Good food, good times.

After dinner, we headed back to the hotel bar. Blaine and I have by now decided that we're gonna get our pictures taken with Lemmy. Hmmm, alcohol talking? He was gone, though.

A few more rounds with the gang, then off to bed…

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