Thursday, March 22, 2007

Show Day in San Antonio

We pulled up to the hotel at 3:45am. I had a room waiting for me, but chose to stay in my nice, cozy, cool bunk. Never could go back to sleep. Got up at 7, went in and showered, re-packed for my flight tomorrow, and called to have a runner get me around 9.

Another day where I never leave the building.

Got an email and a phone call about tour managing the All-American Rejects for about 3 weeks in England. Turned it down. Woulda been cool to double-dip, thought. I was available on the dates they needed me, plus I'll be on retainer from this tour at the same time. Let's see, that comes to how much per week????

Not worth it – I hate tour managing and won't do it anymore if I can help it.

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