Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Day Off at Home

Woke up on the bus around 7:30. Grabbed my stuff and jumped into a cab to head to the house. I have a dental appointment today at noon to replace a filling, then I'm gonna head back to the hotel to pick up Blaine, the Live Nation (Clear Channel) accountant to take him to the coin laundry at Cameron Village. I offered to let him do his stuff at my house, but he wants to do several loads all at once.

After dropping him off, I swing back by the bus at the hotel to grab something and sure as hell, my damn car dies. WTF!!! Won't crank, so I call a tow truck to haul it down to TAO Auto, the Honda specialist who works on it. Also called Enterprise, but they're completely sold out of cars today. Good news is that I can get one tomorrow morning.

Fifteen minutes later, the car miraculously starts, so I head to the house, calling to cancel the tow truck en route.

Guess I'll just be doing stuff around the house today.

Paige calls and suggests that since it's so pretty today (around 80 degrees), that maybe we should eat dinner on the deck at the Ale House tonight. Sounds like a great idea to me!

Around 6:30, I walk the 10-12 minutes down the hill to the restaurant. The dinner crowd is Paige & Greg, Jeff-Mac and Foy. After dinner, Foy gives me a ride back to the house. He takes a look at my car and thinks it may just be a bad battery cable. Not too hard to fix, but not anything I feel like fooling around with tomorrow. After looking at the car, we head out to Northside for a beer or six. I leave Foy there around 11 and walk the 2 blocks back to the house…

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