Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Day Off in Houston

The bus pulled up to the hotel around 4am. As everybody was grabbing their bags and heading in, I asked Mike the driver if the bus was going away to park up elsewhere and he said it was parking in a lot right across the street. So I went straight back to my bunk to go to sleep. Why in the hell would I want to go up to a hot room that wouldn't be cool enough to sleep in for a couple of hours?

Finally woke up around 8 and schlepped my stuff to my room. Got changed and went down to the hotel gym. Walked about 6 miles on a treadmill and lifted a little. Back out to the bus to eat the Chipotle burrito that I got as aftershow food last night. I don't like to eat after shows because it's just too late at night, but if there's a day off the next day I'll sometimes order aftershow food to save for lunch the next day. I can be such a cheap fucker!

Hung around the room the rest of the day. Worked a little, caught up on email and such, read a couple of newspapers, and downloaded and watched last night's episode of "24."

Walked a few blocks for a Subway sandwich around 7, which I ate in my room rocking out to the Stones.

In bed around 11:30…

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