Friday, March 23, 2007

Day Off in Phoenix

Finally got in bed last night around 1am. Up at 6 to leave the hotel by 7:15. We've got an 8:45 flight. Should be in Phoenix by 9:15 to enjoy 2 glorious days off.

Rooms aren't ready when we get to the Ritz-Carlton in Phoenix, so Blaine, Dale and I go sit next door at Starbucks for an hour. Then go across the street to the Apple Store and an open-air restaurant where we grab some lunch.

When we get back to the hotel, our rooms are ready. Lay around most of the afternoon, then me and Blaine head over to the Half-Moon Sports Grille to watch the Carolina game. We grabbed the last 2 seats at the bar and started drinking in earnest. Shots of Crown and beers. I'm the only UNC fan in the entire place – everyone else is hooting for Southern Cal. I can't call 'em USC, because I'm from Columbia, South Carolina originally and that's the REAL USC. So anyway, I'm all alone in cheering for the Heels, which just makes me holler all that much louder whenever they score. It was great, because in the second half, they came back from 16 or 18 points down and eventually won by 10. Whoo-hoo!!!!

All this time, me and Blaine are just slapping back shots and beers…

After the game was done, Dennis and some of his buddies showed up. We were wearing out the music trivia game sitting on the bar when somebody came up with the great idea to go to a strip bar. Might as well just take all the money out of my pocket and set it on fire, because if I go there, I'm coming back broke. But at least I had the presence of mind to say no; I'm just going back to the hotel. And that, my friends, is the last thing I remember…

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