Monday, March 26, 2007

Day Off in San Francisco

Up at 7am, hanging in the front lounge with Craig the drummer all morning. Pull up to the Ritz-Carlton in downtown San Fran around 1:30pm. Walk 3 blocks to Starbucks in the rain, getting soaked. Damn junkie!

It pissed down rain all day. Might have to order room service for dinner because there wasn't shit to eat within a few blocks in any direction and I don't feel like getting completely soaked again for chow. Maybe the rain will stop at some point.

Which it did around 6pm. I found a little sushi joint around the corner. Sushi Rocks or something. Had a certificate in the window declaring it San Francisco's best sushi restaurant of 2004. Another announcing this as their third location. All I can say after eating there is that I wish I had some sort of time machine, because this sure as hell ain't 2004 anymore. Average at best. I can think of at least 5 places back home in Raleigh with better bait than this.

Back to the room after dinner and just chilled out in my room. Had to see "24" ya know…

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