Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Show Day in Sacramento

Both Blaine (the Live Nation accountant) and I live on band buses, which are gonna "base" here in SF for a couple of days. Because we need to be at the gig at 8am and our buses (with band members) don't need to be there until 2 in the afternoon, Blaine rents a mini-van and we leave the hotel at 6am (ouch!) to make the 80-mile drive to Sacramento for today's show. Ain't going nowhere without hitting that damn Starbucks down the street from the hotel, though.

Gonna be a long day. Because tomorrow's show is in San Jose, there's no point in us driving back to SF after tonight's show (80 mile), only to have to leave at stupid-o'clock again in the morning to drive to San Jose (50 miles south of SF). Instead, as soon as settlement is over, we do a "runner" and take off about 10:45, just before the show finishes. From here to San Jose is 122 miles and with light traffic, we make it there just before 1am.

And of course the hotel has fucked up. They have no records of our reservation. Fucking morons.

The only non-smoking rooms left are junior suites at a rate of $239/night. Yowza!!!! Glad I'm not paying for it, but we were supposes to get a rate of $129/night for regular-sized rooms. Off to bed by about 1:30…

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