Thursday, July 20, 2006

Game Day in Detroit

No haps today. Get done as quickly as possible so I can meet up with Audley, who flew into town around 6:30pm. After finding out where he and some of the other Dixie Chicks bandmembers are drinking, me and Mark walk the 3-4 blocks to Jacoby's, which is a bit of a dive bar. Get to hang out with him for all of 40-45 minutes (2 beers), before we have to bail out to make bus call.

I was gonna stay behind and see the Chicks show tomorrow night (first of their tour), but I wouldn't get to see much of Audley at all. Plus, I'd have to rent a car and drive to Cleveland on Saturday. I'll catch 'em later.

Tonight's the shortest bus ride of the tour (at least, so far…), but I wonder if the dumbasses will be misbehaving again. I decide against even going to my bunk, and sit up front with Danny the driver for the 3-hour drive to Cleveland.

Pull up to the hotel just after 3. I'm in bed by 4.


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