Saturday, July 22, 2006

Day Off in Cleveland

Man, talk about a lazy day. I'm just not motivated to do much today. I thought about another movie, but don't feel like putting up with the weekend crowds.

I call Chris Sheridan during the afternoon to wish him a happy birthday.

I hang out in my room the rest of the afternoon, then finally head out for my little celebratory dinner and night out around 6pm. Tomorrow's my birthday, although there won't be much of a shindig. There's really only 2 people on this tour that I care to hang out with, and they're both busy tonight. And I didn't tell anyone about it.

I head over to Fat Fish Blue, a local cajun seafood joint. Turns out they sell ice cold beer right there at the bar. How cool is that? And food, too? Hell, think I'll take a seat at the bar and chat with the bartenders.

I order some Buffalo Tails, which are shelled crawfish tails done up Buffalo style, and served with blue cheese dressing for dipping. Fab. I was gonna find something else to do after dinner, but it turns out that there's gonna be a blues band playing starting around 9, so I guess I'm gonna be staying right here for the night.

And I do.

Not really sure what time I finally left. Both the bartenders bought me birthday shots & beers. It really sucks to spend your birthday by yourself, but such is the road life. This is a kind of payback for having the whole month of July off last year (with pay!) and getting the chance to throw myself (and Chris Sheridan) a big ol' party with all of our friends. Win some, lose some, ya know?

Back in the room for a bit. Then it's time for my annual birthday ritual. I was born at 1:05am, so every year I make it a point to step out under the stars and toast a beer at that moment. Happy Birthday to me!!!

Another year older, another year _________...

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