Saturday, July 29, 2006

Day Off in Atlanta

Lazy day. Best I can tell ya. Read, watched some TV, watched a movie, hung out. Never left the room until after 6. Walked a couple of blocks to Carrabba's. Super friendly bartenders (Ross, Amanda and Heather). Sat at the bar with them, and next to a nice local couple in their late 50's. Good conversation ensued, along with some surprisingly good food.

A little later, a couple of drunk-assed redneck dudes came in and took the couple's place after they departed. The dude who sat next to me absolutely reeked of cigarette smoke. I'm talking about an overpowering stench. I couldn't believe how bad he smelled. Damn sure glad it was a non-smoking bar so he couldn't fire up another one the disgusting things.

The happiest day of my life will be when I can go into smoke-free bars all over America and especially in NC. Of course, NC will be the last damn state to go non-smoking.

Back in my room by 10 for chill time.


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