Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Day Off in Minneapolis

Be still my beating liver! No beer today. Mean it.

I spend most of the day reading. Have to work about an hour. Decide to go see a movie across the street. Wind up at the latest X-Men flick. Good stuff.

Grab a sandwich on the way back for dinner later.

Do some websurfing and check to see who's playing at Summerfest in Milwaukee during my upcoming 2 days off there.


Cheap Trick Friday night at 10. I am sooo there!!!!!

Saturday night I may go see Toto or Click Five. Toto always puts on a good show. Click Five had the song of the year last year (as far as I'm concerned) with "Just The Girl" (look it up, it's awesome). Problem is, they're both on at 10pm and I'm usually in bed by 11 on the eve of a game day, as I have to be alive, awake and aware at 5:30am.


Might go see 'em anyway.

Watch the premiere of Rock Star: Supernova. Some serious talent there, and some total jokes. It'll be fun to watch it progress. Maybe I'll work for them next year.

Finish the night websurfing. In bed around 11…

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