Saturday, July 1, 2006

Day Off in Kansas City

Up at 6:30, at Starbucks by 7:30. The usual: a scone, a drink, read 2 papers, feed some sparrows. I stopped by the bus on the way over this morning and brought a couple of slices of bread in a baggie for the birds.

Back at the hotel around 9:30. Maybe I'll actually do a little work today. Maybe.

Take a break from reading around 1 to heat up some PF Chang's for lunch. I had ordered one entrĂ©e for dinner last night and one to keep for lunch today – I've got a fridge and a microwave in my room here. Turns out my shrimp fried rice is actually CHICKEN fried rice. Toss it in the trash. Eat a bagel instead.

Gotta tell ya, the whole PF Chang's thing is waaaaaay overated. You can find better Chinese food just about anywhere, and you won't have to wait an hour to get it. Not sure I'll ever go back.

Work for a couple of hours during the afternoon.

Around 5, I run down to the bus, grab some beers and ice them down in my room for the race later on. Tonight is the Pepsi 400 at Daytona.

I head next door to Figlio's, the Italian restaurant with the cool second-story veranda overlooking the plaza. It must be 98 degrees out, but the sun is on the other side of the building, so it's not too brutal here. A couple of glasses of wine later, I don't care about the heat anyway.

Decent chow, although I could do better. The Capellini Diavolo is sorta OK (what on EARTH is up with all the damn olive oil?), but the calamari is pitiful. Maybe they just don't ship the good stuff this far inland?

Back in the room in time to see the last pace lap. Watch the race from green to checkers and drink a few beers.

Off to bed around 11…

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