Monday, July 17, 2006

Day Off in Detroit

Bus call is noon. Uneventful trip, due to all the damaged-assed idiots going straight to their bunks to sleep off whatever they did last night. Two folks sit in the front lounge and websurf – we've got wireless internet on the bus, even when we're rolling – and I sit up front with Danny the driver. It's like that the whole trip, 281 miles. No stops.

We pull up to the hotel just after 5pm. I tell Mark, Danny and Brooke that I'm heading to Tom's Oyster Bar across the street in 15 minutes if they wanna join.

Thirty minutes later we're on the way.

Oysters and beers all around. Danny comes up with the bright idea to do shots of Patron Silver. Oops.

Mark had the good sense not to participate. He later told me that me, Danny and Brooke drank nearly 2 bottles of the stuff. He said the only reason we stopped was because the bar ran out of the stuff. Ouch!

Mark says he pretty much had to walk each of us to our rooms.

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