Saturday, July 8, 2006

Day Off in Milwaukee

Up around 8, read for a bit, then head out in search of breakfast. George Webb is PACKED! Whassup with that? It's 9am, so I figure I'll take a walk (opposite direction from yesterday) for an hour and then swing back by.

At 10 it was even worse. So much for that idea. I head off and about 45 minutes later I come across the Michigan Street Diner. Not so crowded. I grab a seat at the counter and settle in. The eggs are better here, but the hash browns were better at the GW.

Spend the rest of the day hanging out in my room. I wanted to go see Toto and The Click Five tonight, but after last night, no way, I'll pass.

A little after 6, I head across the street to the Calderone Club Italian Restaurant. I googled it earlier and there were a lot of rave reviews online. Only one of their dozen or so cafe tables was taken outside, so I got a primo spot where I could eat and people watch.

Got a killer glass of Pinot Noir, which led to another, and another, and another. It rained twice while I was there, but I had double coverage (the umbrella on my table and the building's canopy kept me high and dry.

Had a big plate of calamari for dinner – it was among the best I've ever had. No way I was gonna order an entrĂ©e after that.

I was eventually joined by a few crew guys who saw me sitting there as they were exiting the hotel. Switched to beer after about the 8th glass of wine – this oughta make for a nice head at 6am.

Finally took leave of the place about 10:30, and headed off to bed.

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