Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Day Off in Minneapolis

Ouch! My head hurts. Good thing I don't have anything to do today. I lie around the room, watch some TV, read, listen to John Hiatt.

About 4:30, I wander over to the club to scam some tickets for David and me – Susan's not coming out tonight.

The North Mississippi All-Stars are opening the show tonight AND their John's backing band as well. I've known Luther & Cody Dickinson for nearly 10 years. The All-Stars opened a lot of shows for the Squirrel Nut Zippers back in the 90's – I tour managed the Zippers from '96 to '99. Had to get a club dude to go in and grab one of them. Luther came out and walked me in. As soon as he opened the door, he went "BOBZILLA!!" Hadn't seen the guys in a few years, but they looked absolutely the same.

Spent about 30 minutes with them in their dressing room, getting caught up. Good kids, both of them. Their dad is Jim Dickinson (look him up), who among other things played piano on the Rolling Stones song "Wild Horses". He also produced one of my all-time favorite records, "Pleased To Meet Me", by the Replacements.

Enloe takes the train up from his house south of town and meets me out front of the hotel about 6:30. We go to Chevy's across the street for dinner and a few drinks.

When we got to will-call at the club, Luther & Cody had left us tickets, backstage passes, and he'd even arranged for us to have a private table in the balcony. Cool.

Drank ourselves stupid and had a great time.

Note to self: Spend more time listening to John Hiatt.

Hung out with the band until they had to get on the bus and head to Chicago.

I poured David into a cab and went back to my room. Might have been around 1am, maybe 2am. Who knows.


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