Friday, July 21, 2006

Day Off in Cleveland

Here it is. Laundry day. Again. Up, showered and out the door by 11. Nothing close enough to walk to, so I jump a cab and head off to the Soap Opera Laundramat. The wash is kinda expensive ($2.25), but the dryers are all FREE. The guy who owns the place is here, so I ask him whassup. He's got a little turf war going with the guy down the street. Whatever the reason, I don't mind. Free popcorn, too.

Back at the hotel, I grab a local paper and scour the movies. This hotel is right next door to Tower City, a cool urban shopping, office and condo complex. I've seen movies here before on other tours.

I decide on Clerks II. I loved the first Clerks movie and pretty much everything that Kevin Smith has done ever since.

Turned out to be even better than the original. And Rosario Dawson is babelicious!!!

After the movie, I walk around the neighborhood for a while, then I pick up some beer and grab some Chinese food for dinner, which I eat in my room.

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