Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Day Off in Indianapolis

Up at 7am. Man, it is just pissing down rain. I was gonna walk the mile and a quarter to the coin laundry, but not in this. I jump a cab instead. Take a book and read while my clothes are cooking. The rains stops as I'm folding the last of it, so I do at least get to walk back. I'm at the hotel by 11.

Walk across the street for the noon showing of Superman. Better than Pirates, but I'm just not really into the whole superhero thing. Superdude, Spiderdude, Captain Jack Sparrowdude, Batdude. Shit, give me a good cop movie anytime. Although I do like the X-Men movies. But maybe that's because I get to look at Rebecca Romijn in blue body paint. Woo-Hoo!

Work for about an hour in my room, then about 6pm I walk 2 blocks to Mikado for sushi. I eat at this place every year. Always seem to get a day off here.

Back in my room, I watch some TV, websurf, and call a couple of folks. Get offered a tour managing gig for the fall. Might do it if no acounting gigs pop up. It's only about 7 weeks or so – maybe I have the patience for it. Damn sure could use the money for stuff for the house.

In bed around 11:30…

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