Monday, July 13, 2009

Show Day in Mountain View, CA

Today was our San Francisco show. The shed here is actually 38 miles south of the city, down in Mountain View. Turns out that there are two towns in California called Mountain View, too. Never knew that, but came across it while MapQuesting the gig info.

Anyway, the show was at Shoreline Amphitheatre. I've been here a LOT, going back to the early/mid 90's. I like this gig.

When we first arrived, I had time to kill. So I played the electronic basketball game out in the catering area. I sucked. Only scored a 55 the first go-round, and a 52 on the second. Set Carpenter Russell came by and smoked my ass, scoring 239 points. I walked away with my tail tucked between my legs.

Went back over 20 minutes later. You know, competitive nature and all. Sure, Russell's maybe 24 years old, but it's only putting a ball through a hoop, ya know? 330 points later, I was the KING!

Never could top that score, although I tried. Even got the blister to show for it. Never heard that anyone else beat it today, either.

This is pretty cool. It was hanging on the wall in the office that Julie and I shared today. OK, on the bathroom wall in our office. It's all tickets and sticky passes. Still, I like it:Click photo to enlarge.

Had some interesting folks on the guest list tonight. Steve Jobs (CEO of Apple) and Jonathan Ive (designer of the iPod) came to the show. Jobs, of course, has recently had a liver transplant. Although immediately recognizable as Captain Universe of the Geek World, the dude was a bit weak and sickly-looking. Very gaunt, and he weighed 120 pounds at best.

During the show, he was seated in the VIP balcony over stage left, as was Sherry Willey (my ex), along with her husband Ed (great guy!) and a friend of Ed's (Travis) with his girlfriend Christina.

Sherry and her crowd wanted to split just as the second encore was starting, so I walked them up the backstage hill and out to the VIP parking area. G'nights all around and I went back in to finish my work for the night.

On the bus and in my bunk around 2:15 or so…

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