Saturday, July 11, 2009

Show Day at The Gorge

Today's show is at The Gorge Amphitheatre in (yep, really) George, Washington. Beautiful location, but the facility itself could use a little updating. The offices are kinda shabby, dressing rooms, too. There were several dead mice found in the catering area this morning. Later in the day, one of our crew guys showed me a dead baby rattlesnake someone had put in an extra-large drink cup. I heard that someone had also killed a grown rattler near my office trailer. One thing it wasn't today, though, was boring.

The view outside my office door. That's my bus on the left:

Another view:

It got pretty hot here today, about 95 degrees. The heat finally broke around 7pm, not a minute too soon. The sundown was pretty awesome, but these photos don't really do it justice:

My Live Nation tour rep, Julie Matway:

Me at sundown:

The crowd before the band went on:

Tiffany Henry, the band's Wardrobe and Dressing Room Coodinator:

Settlement was quick and easy tonight – we were wrapped up and done by 10:30 – as it should be. But load-out here is a pain in the ass, so the buses didn't roll until 3am. That kinda bites, because we have an 825-mile drive to do to get to Palo Alto, where we have a day (OK, a half-day) off tomorrow.

I crawled off to my bunk about 3:30am…

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