Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Show Day in Houston

The birthday wishes started pouring in today via email and Facebook. Thanks to all who remembered!

At the moment of my birth, which was 1:05am EST on the 23rd (just after midnight, local time tonight), I slipped away from my office, grabbed a beer off the bus, and went and sat on a bench by the waterway behind the venue.

Sitting there, I spent a few minutes reflecting on what an amazing life I have. I’m surrounded by many wonderful friends at home in Raleigh. I have various amazing "road" families I get to spend time with, touring all over the world. I have friends in faraway places, both all over the USA and foreign lands such as the UK, Germany, France, Canada, Australia and even Japan.

I have the job of my dreams. It allows me to travel and affords me pretty much anything I want - within reason that is, but I have simple tastes.

I don't currently have "that special someone" to share my life with, but I've had many great loves in my life and hope to have at least one more.

Yes, my life is a good life. I want for nothing. I am truly blessed…

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