Friday, July 17, 2009

Day Off in Long Beach

Pulled up to the hotel around 5am this morning. I was the only person still awake when we got there. Grabbed all my crap and headed up to my room, which was…

HOT! (imagine that)

I cranked up the AC and putzed around for a bit. Spent 10 minutes de-constructing, then re-constructing the "Heavenly Bed." I fucking HATE those beds. If you jump straight into it, you're under not one, but two sheets, plus a heavy comforter, plus a REALLY HEAVY comforter that must be Artic-rated. I swear to you, the room temperature would have to be 30 degrees for me to be under all that crap.

So I strip everything off the bed, which isn't as tidy of a process as it sounds, because everything is tucked high and tight. Then I put one sheet back on and I was done.

Sorry, those beds are not heavenly; to me, they're the very definition of hell.

As the clock neared 6:30am, I finally laid down and passed right out. Woke up at 9:15 and stared at the computer for the next umpteen hours. Actually got a lot of work done, so that was cool.

Called a couple of guys about dinner, but no one seemed interested in going. Pfft! I used the uber-cool iPhone app called UrbanSpoon to find a killer restaurant about 5 blocks away called King's Fish House.

Walked over there, got a seat at the bar and had no sooner ordered a Bud, when my phone rang and a few folks said they were on their way to join me. Twenty minutes later, our two riggers, Gabe and Chuck, showed up with dressing room coordinator Tiffany in tow. We all sat at the bar and had a great meal. The menu there is insane:Click the photo to enlarge it, or read the online menu HERE.

Tiffany munching down on my Mac & Cheese:

Our Production Manager Fin showed up and had a few beers with us before we all waddled back to the hotel for the night.

Oh, yeah, I got new business cards the other day. Here's what they look like:I am officially a nerd now - I have a business card...

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