Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Show Day in Dallas

Show in Dallas today at the former Smirnoff Amphitheatre. Before that, it was the Starplex, which is what I still call it. Damn sponsor names seem to change every year. And yes, I know I've bitched about that before on this blog.

Todd & Maria and their friends came out tonight. Also, Brad Whitford (from Aerosmith) and his lovely wife Kim came to the show. I've met Brad before, and I've even had dinner with him a few times, but to date I've never met Kim. She was very sweet.

My buddy Robert Kearns called me today. I worked for his band Cry of Love for 7 years back in the 90's. Robert plays bass in Lynyrd Skynyrd these days and the band was looking for a place to rehearse in Raleigh tomorrow, which is a day off for them before their upcoming Friday night show there.

I got them hooked up with a local spot, and got a friend back home hooked up for tickets to the Skynyrd/Kid Rock show in the process. Quid pro quo, ya know?

I am so lucky. Some days, my life is anything but boring…

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