Saturday, July 18, 2009

Show Day in Carson, CA

Big show in Carson, CA tonight, an L.A. suburb near Compton. The Home Depot is a multi-use facility, with a couple of different venues. Our show is in the soccer stadium, where tonight's sold-out crowd was over 27,000 strong.

The gig, early in the day:

And after the show:

Los Angeles shows are always a pain in the butt, as are New York shows and shows in whatever town your artist calls home – in this case, London, where we have 2 shows in September.

Quite a few celebs on the guest list tonight, among them:

Tom Cruise (with a security detail, lol…)
Jake Gyllenhaal
Scarlett Johansson
Olivia Newton-John
Molly Sims
Kate Bosworth

There were a few more, but those are the ones whose names I recognized.

After load-out, we finally rolled away from the gig a bit after 2am, bound for the Hilton Hotel in Irvine. We would normally drive to the next gig and wake up onsite, but after the buses dump us out at the hotel, they're hauling ass to Dallas in order to be there Tuesday morning to take us to that day's gig. Because of the long haul (1450 miles) and only one day off to make it, we're all flying to the Big D on Monday morning. Much better that than 22-24 hours trapped on the bus.

Made it to the hotel a few minutes after 3, finally got in bed at 3:30. Looks like 3 hours of sleep is as good as tonight's gonna get.


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