Friday, July 31, 2009

Day Off in Montreal

Watched a drug transaction go down this afternoon from my hotel window. One dude walking up the sidewalk, one dude walking down the sidewalk. The movie-cliched subtle handoff of a tiny plastic baggie in one direction, folded up currency in the other. Just for shits and giggles, I rapped on my window (from the third floor) to get their attention. Big Brother is always watching, ya know?

We went over to tomorrow's festival site mid-afternoon to load in and set up offices. Around 8:00 or so, my friend Wendy came to pick me up to go to dinner - Wendy's the Production Assistant on the Josh Groban tour. Went to a cool little place called Maestro SVP in a neighborhood a few blocks from the hotel that was called The Plateau. This neighbor is ground-zero for nightlife in Montreal. The entire area was crawling with people and got more and more crowded as the evening wore on.

We had a killer table, right out front, perfect for watching the parade of humanity streaming by. It was a long, leisurely dinner that stretched until well after midnight. I was enjoyed the people-watching as much as the food and the company. Had a killer dish called Louisiana Seafood. It consisted of mussels, clams, black tiger shrimp, scallops, salmon and calamari all served in a cream white wine and cajun spice reduction. Yummy…

Oh, yeah, here are a few more photos of everyone's buddy, Robert Kearns, playing with Lynyrd Skynyrd last Friday night in Raleigh. Boy looks like he's been in the band forever.
Photo credit on all: Jimmy Bennett


Anonymous said...

I like reading your blog it's very interesting.
What's the longest you've been on the road for?
Robert Kearns used to be in my favorite band, the Bottle Rockets.

Bobzilla said...

Hi, Coop. Back when I tour managed another band Robert was in, Cry of Love, we once had a six-month stretch where we didn't even pass through North Carolina, much less stop there. That's probably the longest...

Anonymous said...

Hi Bob,
That's crazy, but damn 6 mos? I never heard of that band, but Robert is kickass.
Take care

Bobzilla said...

Google 'em or digitally snitch the music. First album was called "Brother" and you should completely love it. Best band I have or ever will work for!!!