Sunday, June 15, 2008

Show Day in Vienna, Austria

Today is our last show of this run. We're at the Nova Rock Festival in Vienna, Austria, which is held out in the middle of a bunch of what look like wheat fields. Also on the bill are Disturbed, Judas Priest, Incubus, Kid Rock and a bunch of really crappy bands -- typical festival fare.

I spent as much time socializing with fellow roadies from those other bands as I did working. It was like summer camp with trucks and buses.

Been meaning to bring this up -- what is UP with the pizza boxes over here in Europe?

The box a few days ago in Berlin:

And the box last night in Italy:

Last song of the night, the festival, the tour:

End of the show. Note Seth (our Audio Tech) sneaking a photo from behind the band:

After the show, it was hugs & goodbyes. Most of us are off for the next 3 weeks and will reconvene in Lisbon to start the next run.

Robert Long, our Production Manager, has to jump back over to the KISS tour as it continues here in Europe, and then he only gets a few days back in the US before we go to Portugal. I feel for him.

Off we go…

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