Sunday, June 8, 2008

Day Off in Berlin

Got into my room just before noon. Grabbed a shower, then went and met Spragoo, Drew and Andy Meyer (FOH) in the lobby at 1. Headed out to find lunch. But first, we found this piece of artwork around the corner:

A few blocks further, we came across this interesting bit – the old tower of the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church. It was bombed in 1943 and is now one of Berlin's most famous landmarks:

As described here:

We ditched off the main drag and down one of the smaller side streets where we came across an Italian ristorante called Doro. Got a great table on the sidewalk, and a terrific waitress who looked like Anne Heche's taller twin sister.

Italian restaurants in German tend to be far better than Italian places in the States, and this was no exception. Their caprese salad was exceptional. Looked amazing, tasted even better:

Everyone had a couple of Warsteiner beers with lunch – the best! German beer is so good that I usually don't even order by brand name, but Warsteiner is superior to all the rest.

After lunch we went sightseeing. That lasted approximately 15 minutes, which is how long it took us to walk to the nearest BierGarten. That's a beer garden for you hillbilly types. Outdoor seating for a couple of hundred folks and beer by the bucket. Not actually buckets, but you could get full liter mugs if you wanted. And we did.

We were soon joined by some of our buddies from the KISS crew. They had just gotten to town at 2pm and jumped in a cab to come hang out with us. It was Knuckles (rigger), Shawn Shebecka (set carp) and Patrick Murphy (audio tech). I've worked with all 3 of them on various tours.



And in this photo, that's Patrick on the far left, along with Knuckles (taking photo) and Sooner (our LD). Note the gigantic liter mugs of beer:

Our fearless leader Robert Long:

Another shot of Sooner:

Spragoo's weenie dinner. (That's Drew, one of our security guys, on the left.)

On the way back to the hotel, all the Croatia soccer fans were celebrating their victory in the game that ended a few minutes earlier. (I think they take that soccer shit a bit too seriously over on this side of the water.)

Made it back to my room by 10pm…

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