Saturday, June 14, 2008

Show Day in Modena, Italy

Man, I hate doing shows in Italy. It always seems like the worst kind of third-world country. Show expenses are out of control, stagehands are lazy, equipment breaks, etc. Anything that can go pear-shaped will do so here.

The view from front-of-house, early on:

Just before the band came on:

Front of house Audio Engineer Andy Meyer, on the job:

Here's an example of what kind of day it was. Drew Goodman, one of our security guys, had set up the band's ping-pong table in one of the dressing rooms, but then had to leave the room for a few minutes. When he came back, this is what he found:

The caterers must have been high, because they put out a bunch of the band's dressing room hospitality items on the ping-pong table. WTF? Don't you people have ping-pong in Italy?

Spragoo, at the Antidoping room:Antidoping, hmmm...

The first punters through the gates, sprinting toward the front of the stage:

Sooner at work, trying to overcome the slackass lighting rig and local crew:

Finally got away shortly after 1am. We have a bus ride of nearly 10 hours to Vienna, site of the Nova Rock Festival, our last show.

Home soon…

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