Friday, June 6, 2008

Show Day at Rock Am Ring

This is the 15th anniversary of my first show here at Rock Am Ring. It was 1993, and I was in Europe for only the second time in my career. Cry Of Love was the band, and we were the second band onstage that day, at the un-rock-like time of 10:25am. Those poor fuckers in Jackyl were on just before us at 10 sharp. I remember it like it was yesterday.

And just like the weather was that day, it is again today -- cool, with periods of rain and fog.

Before I checked out, I got a couple of shots of the hillside across the way, where some of the 85,000 kids in attendance are camping out:

Remember this shot from yesterday?

Here's what it looks like just before Rage went on tonight:

That's what 85,000 drunk Germans look like.

Here's Slim's guitar boat on stage left:

"So?", you say. Indeed, take a closer look:

Wha? Who is that?

Even closer:Click on the photo to enlarge it if need be.

Looks like Raleigh's own Jimmy Shoaf to me. Jimmy was the band's LD for several years and also happens to be the Godfather to Slim's oldest daughter.

Monitor Engineer Mike "Spragoo" Sprague on stage:

Bass Tech Pete Lewis and Guitar Tech Martin "Slim" Richardson:

Drum Tech Andy Veasey:

Our buddy and former Drum Tech Sean Bates:

Me and my old friend Ivan Copelan (Serj Tankian's Tour Manager):

Killer crowd shot that I got from a pro photograher:As with any photo on this blog, simply click on it to enlarge.

During the show, Molly and I went upstairs to the other end of the building to get a few shots of the stage and the crowd from a distance:

The band at the end of the show:

Rained like hell after the show was over. Made it to the bus about 2am. Off to snoozyworld. Gotta get up at 8…

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