Thursday, June 5, 2008

Day Off in Nuerburg, Germany

Got to the hotel shortly after 9 this morning. We're staying at the Dorint, located AT the Nurburgring, the famous Formula One racetrack here. Ring area map here:Click map to enlarge.

From my room on the fifth floor, I've got an amazing view of the track, and the back of the stage the band will be playing on tomorrow. The view for now:

And here comes the fog:

And now it's so thick you can't see the stage:

We all met in the lobby at 4pm to walk over to the stage area to load in and set up the office. I jumped up onstage and got a shot of the empty venue, which will look considerably different tomorrow with 85,000 people in it.

Molly and Robert snagged a couple of scooters to take a lap around the track:Left to right: Molly, truck driver Jerry, Sooner, Robert.

After we got done, we walked back over to the hotel, where most of us changed into the custom tracksuits that the promoter gave to everyone in the Rage camp. They have the band's name, the promoter's name and Europe 2008 embroidered on them. Black pants, white jackets. When we all showed up in the bar wearing them, we looked like a bunch of dorky track coaches. It was pretty funny…Left to right, back row: me, Andre Lieberberg (our German promoter), Mark Wise (security) and Drew Goodman (security).
Front row: Pete Lewis (bass tech), Molly Brickson (production coordinator).

Spragoo refused to put on his tracksuit:L-R, rear: Spragoo, me, Robert Long (production manager), Sooner Routhier (LD), Mark Wise.
Front: Pete Lewis, Molly

And another:L-R, rear: Pete, (some nice lady from the promoter's office, Sooner, Robert, Mark.
Front: Molly, me.

Truck driver Jerry, sending a message:

Me and Drew, with our white drinking gloves. Don't ask, because I have no idea…

A white-gloved shot:


Sooner dissing Spragoo for not wearing his track suit:

Bass Tech Pete Lewis:

Me, wearing long pants. Wait, are you SERIOUS???I think Molly's in shock!

Me and Molly:

Molly and promoter Andre Lieberberg:

Molly gets a spanking from Robert:

Molly and Robert, after the lovin':

Old friend Sean Bates, me, Sooner:

Sean, promoter person, Pete:

Another night of getting to bed at 3am…

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