Saturday, June 7, 2008

Show Day in Nurnberg

Today we're playing the Rock Im Park Festival, the sister show to Rock Am Ring. It's a slightly smaller crowd – 70,000 vs. 85,000. Still massive by any standard. And like the gig yesterday, it's been sold out for many weeks.

This is such a fucked up place to hold a concert. Here's why -- do you recognize the structure in the background?

Behind our two green buses, you see what's left of the reviewing stand upon which Adolf Hitler stood during those enormous Nazi Party rallies held on the Zeppelin Field outside the city center.

This next photograph I pulled off the Internet, because I didn't want to go up on the structure to take it. It shows the Zeppelin Field as Hitler saw it when he stood at the speaker's stand. The field that stretched before him was filled with 100,000 marching soldiers and there was a capacity crowd of 340,000 spectators.

You can read more on this HERE and HERE.


Our office is about ½ mile from the stage, so even though I went to the stage for the beginning of Rage's set, I didn't go back for the encore like I always do.

Here's the stage at 9am:

And again at 9pm:

Check out the two streams of fans coming over the hill from the second stage in the other part of the park. This is about 10 minutes before the band went on:

A few of the guys onstage just before the band went on:L-R: Slim, Pete (kneeling), Spragoo, Andy

I'm getting caught up on my blogging now because bus call isn't until 3am. I hope to be in my bunk by 2, though. We have the day off tomorrow in Berlin and I want to be up early…


Fish Camp Barbie said...

You should be used to being around drunk Germans, having been around me for so many years. Hell, I'm drunk now........and getting ready for some racin'. Go Joey Logano, polesitter.

I wish I could sit on a pole.


Anonymous said...


"I wish I could sit on a pole"

You're not?


PS- Go 88 Navy car!

David said...

"the few tourists visiting this spot were Americans who thought it was a huge joke to give the Nazi salute."