Thursday, December 21, 2006

Show Day in St. Louis

Well, here we are – it's the last day of the tour. I wish this tour could just keep on rolling. I am genuinely going to miss everyone. Absolutely the nicest band I've worked for in a long, long time.

Lots of chaos today, typical of a last day. Packages of excess acquisitions being shipped home by all. Gear being labeled to ship here, there, and everywhere after the show is done tonight.

Got a big, fat Christmas bonus in the middle of the afternoon. Way cool!

The show was probably the best of the entire tour. Because the show was already sold out, I was able to settle early and watch most of it.

Man-hugs all around after the show, both at the venue and at the hotel. Molly threw an impromptu party in her room that I slipped out of around 2am.

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